Adenike Thomas as CASEY TAYLOR

Casey is a dark skinned Black-American from North Carolina and political science major, pre-law track in her senior year working tirelessly to get into a top tier law school. She is Lynn's "ride or die" BFF with an infectious, bright, and bubbly personality that makes everyone she meets want to be her best friend. There is no lack of self-esteem and her confidence comes from self-validation.

She plays the role of big sister and therapist among the roommates because she has a keen ability to read people and gives good personal advice. In her own words, "I'm not a perfectionist. I'm a keep it real-zist". She eventually questions whether or not she wants to be a lawyer.

Tina WongLu IMDb

Tina WongLu IMDb

Tina WongLu as LYNN THIEU

Lynn aka "The Bitch Next Door", is a smart-mouthed hot head with a short fuse! First born generation Chinese-American from South Philadelphia, she is known to be aggressively honest and blunt, never thinking to filter herself. She is a senior pursuing a B.A. in Early Childhood Education hoping to one day become an elementary school teacher. She struggles to support herself financially, pay for school, and maintain multiple part-time jobs.

Because of her petite and doll-like appearance, people tend to initially perceive Lynn to be innocent, dainty and fragile, but her sharp tongue tells you otherwise. She claims to hate people who are shallow and materialistic. In most situations where her emotions might get the best of her, Casey is the one that helps keep her cool.

Mariana Flores as NANCY LOPEZ

Nancy is half-Filipino half-Mexican from Portland, Oregon in her 1st year of graduate film school. She is the oldest child of a normal middle class nuclear family having one brother and one sister. Before NYU, she received a B.A. in English and Psychology at a university near her hometown.

She is smart and witty, but comes across as the virtuous quiet one. Having been sheltered most of her life, Nancy is taking an enormous risk by choosing to live in New York City, a place where she feels completely lost. Moving to New York City is the first time she is fully living on her own with no safety net. She is also a virgin.

John Sweet III IMDb

John Sweet III IMDb

John Sweet III as Roger Rostami

Roger is a lazy, unmotivated, biracial Afro-Iranian skater and pothead from Malibu, CA, where his parents work in the entertainment industry. An only child that grew up with a lot of money.

He is a junior in college studying historical journalism, but misses most of his classes because he is usually off somewhere getting high with his best friend Nathan. Roger uses drugs to self-medicate and prevent himself from confronting a coveted deep dark secret. Though he has no real aspirations, Roger is on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance as he eventually comes to terms with his true self.

Trevor St. John Gilbert IMDb

Trevor St. John Gilbert IMDb

Trevor St. John Gilbert as Nick Carpenter

Nick, a smooth talking, handsome White-American, born and raised on the Upper East Side of New York City. An only child of wealthy divorced parents, with the possibility of an older step-sibling here and there. He is a sophomore majoring in fashion design and marketing, and aspires to be the next Oscar de la Renta. He knows exactly what he wants and does not hesitate to go after it, but sometimes his approach is not the best.

Very talented, charming, confident, and the most immature of the strangers. He spends most of his downtime partying, chasing girls, or working on his design portfolio. He is constantly mistaken to be gay, but is definitely straight. His mannerisms and appearance defy gender normative standards.


Brittany Rosoff as Tiffany "Tif" Jay

Tiffany Jay, but everyone calls her Tif. She is one of Roger's closet friends and confidants in NY who also grew up in Southern California not too far from Roger. Tif and Roger met in NY through mutual friends during their sophomore year and discovered they were both from SoCal.

Tif is fun, bubbly, very outgoing and super intuitive. Nothing gets past her as she has a keen sense of reading people and situations in a matter of seconds.


Scott Murphy as Simon, The Creepy Super

Simon, is the apartment building manager where Casey, Lynn, Nancy, Roger, and Nick live. He is Irish and new to America.

Simon is the live-in super that basically doesn’t fix anything in the apartment. He's usually drunk or no where to be found. He also creepily hits on Casey, Lynn, and Nancy from time to time. He doesn’t like Roger and never remembers Nick for some reason. His very unprofessional actions don't get noticed, even though tenants complain about him on multiple occasions.


Priyanka Krishnan as Andrian “Andi” Magodia

Andi, is Lynn and Casey’s crazy-ass sort-of best-friend. She’s very perky and full of way too much energy. She’s a pre-law student from Philadelphia. Her and Lynn have known each other since middle school and she met Casey freshmen year at a college mixer hosted by their dorm.


Will M. Chang as Derek Choi

Derek is Casey’s on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend. He’s an aspiring actor who Casey and Lynn met during their freshman year after watching him perform in the play, which Andi dragged the girl to see.


Lena-Marie Gilbert as Keke

Keke, a badass skater chick from the BRONX. Her and Roger are in a bit of a situationship, which she wants to turn into a real relationship. She’s slightly threatened by Tif and Roger’s friendship, but doesn’t realize Tif is not the person she should worry will get in between her and Roger.


Marguerite Frarey as Jessica "Jess" Khoury 

Jess is a friend of Derek’s next door neighbor. She’s the quiet confident type though people misperceive her to be demure and shy, but Jess is far from it. She goes after what and who she wants, which gets her into some trouble.