Living With Strangers...

is a serialized comedy television series that displays what it's like to be a struggling college millennial as well as the
 constant uphill and undermined everyday battles millennials have to face, told through the lives of FIVE strangers living together in an old and dingy apartment in NYC. How do you manage several part-time jobs with a full course load? How do you keep up with the latest news and what’s trending on social media when information is coming at you all at once? How do you keep yourself financially afloat when you're part of the most underpaid generation of all time?

At the center of the show are CASEY, the free-spirited, dark-skinned African-American pre-law student, and LYNN, the smart-mouth hothead Chinese-American special-ed teacher-in-training, who have been best friends since their freshman year and share a strong sisterly connection. They were kicked out of student housing for illegal drug possession at Casey’s birthday party so are forced to live off-campus.

As former NYC Mayoral Candidate, Jimmy McMillan, would say, “THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH” and these girls don't have the credit or money to get a place all on their own, so they have only two options: fill the apartment with strangers or become homeless.

In comes ROGER, the lazy Afro-Iranian stoner, NANCY, the half-Filipino half-Mexican “fish out of water” graduate film student, and NICK, the gender-bending White-American straight guy. Casey and Lynn discover that Roger is hiding a secret, Nancy’s a virgin, and Nick is an aspiring women’s fashion designer who is very smooth with the ladies. The only person immune to Nick’s charms is Lynn. She makes it clear that she cannot stand him, which adds a lot of tension in the house. On top of all of this, the five of them are constantly on the brink of losing their apartment. How could they not know you could get evicted for destroying building property or sexual solicitation?

Living With Strangers also highlights issues that are strongly prevalent today: crippling College debt, sexual assault, violence against LGBTQ, heritage awareness, sexual and gender identity, racism, and police brutality. These issues naturally arise in the series, especially when showcasing people from culturally diverse backgrounds. 

The characters break down barriers, relationships, and societal stereotypes by just being themselves. They are all the complete antithesis of the media and society's stereotypical portrayal of them regarding race, gender, age, sexual orientation, money, and culture further helping to showcase a group of multi-racial young adults who are underrepresented and marginalized as MULTI-dimensional, multifaceted...HUMAN BEINGs.

Overall, five very different self-involved idealistic college students live together, learn to get along, and ultimately form a lifelong bond that will help them individually move forward through the journey we call "LIFE." They test each other's limits and challenge the vastly inaccurate views of society today that force them to grow and prepare for their future.