Living With Strangers...

is a serialized comedy about five anomalous college students living together in New York City. CASEY the free-spirit, LYNN the “bitch next door”, ROGER the lazy stoner, NICK the fashion forward metro, and NANCY the awkward-as-f%&k aspiring film director. They don’t know each other at all; yet decide to share an old and dingy apartment. The show highlights various issues by following these young adult attempting to navigate life in New York.

The journey begins when Nancy leaves her hometown of Portland, OR to attend graduate film school and responds to Casey’s obscure roommates wanted ad. Nancy finds out some very interesting things about her new roommates and they find out some interesting things about her. Things like...Casey has done almost every position in the Kama Sutra, Lynn is overly obsessed with sloths, Roger is hiding a sexual secret, and Casey and Lynn may or may not have committed a murder!

Overall, five very different self-involved idealistic college students live together, learn to get along, and ultimately form a lifelong bond that will help them individually move forward through the journey we call "LIFE." They test each other's limits and challenge the vastly inaccurate views of society today that force them to grow and prepare for their future in the real world.